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Update for iOS and Macs negates text bomb that crashed devices

Last week we reported a major bug in Apple operating systems that would cause them to crash from mere exposure to either of two specific Unicode symbols. Today Apple fixes this major text-handling issue with iOS version 11.2.6 and macOS version 10.13.3, both now available for download. The issue, discovered ...

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Pro Racer’s Take: Ariel Atom 3S

Wind and fury, signifying plenty. Forgive me, Shakespeare fans, for mangling his words, but those words seem appropriate for the Ariel Atom 3S. This story begins with me noticing the drive chain on my Ducati Monster 1200R motorcycle needed a little lubrication. Time spent foraging in my garage eventually located ...

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Exploring the Design of the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta

CHICAGO, Illinois — Despite an impending snowstorm and freezing temperatures, we were able to make our appointment with Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen design head, at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. Bischoff had a busy morning promoting the all-new 2019 Arteon sedan and we caught up with him later in the day at the ...

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Overwatch is free to play this weekend on all platforms

Overwatch wasn’t what you’d call a “surprise” hit — everyone knew it was going to wipe the floor with its immediate competition. But unlike a lot of games, it still costs money. If you’ve been meaning to give it a shot but don’t feel like shelling out the $40, this ...

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